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How to choose the right oil painting to decorate your space
deko8 Art Gallery / 2014-01-27

How to choose the right oil paintings to decorate your space

1. Choose paintings that compliment the style of your home or the room. Decorate your space with modern art without frames if it is a simple style room. You will notice that this room is full of vitality. While if your room is a European or classical style, decorate it with realist art, such as portraits, landscapes with embossed frames which absolutely will add magnificence and elegance to your space.

2. Choose the right colors. The basic idea should be to create a contrast between the dominant colors of your walls and those of your new painting. But the colors of the painting should be in coordinate with the wall and furniture. If the furniture is deep and dignified, the oil painting you choose should be the coordinated classical and simple but elegant style. If the décor and furniture of your room is light and simple, you’d better choose the lively, soft, modern or abstract style.

3. Whether you walk through an art gallery, or you look at oil paintings offered at an online store, one thing is certain: you will immediately know if you like a painting. Perhaps the scene creates an emotional sensation within you that is pleasing, and you imagine that you would enjoy that painting hanging in your home for many years, without tiring of looking at it.

4. Choose the hand-painted painting but not printing or emulation oil painting which may fade as the lapse of time. It is very easy to distinguish hand-painted oil painting from printing or emulation oil painting by its brushstroke. The surface of Hand-painted oil painting feels rough, while the printing or emulation oil painting feels smooth.



5. Examine the space or wall where you intend to hang the painting to decide the size of the painting.


Points 1 to 4 come from Source:  http://forums.bizhat.com/home-garden/39293-how-choose-right-oil-paintings-decorate-your-room.html


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